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"Sorry No Pets!"

LET’S PLAY Jeopardy!!


            The following answers are to some of the questions we are often asked about how things operate at Christmas.


                   -We do provide saws.

                   -Sorry but no pets (we have plenty).

                   -Our greeters will give instructions as to where we are cutting, tree types,
         what to do before and after making your selection, and so forth.  

                    - If at any time you are uncertain about something or have a question—
(preferably before you cut the tree).

                    -All trees, wreaths, and garland that are for sale will carry a price tag with
         the price marked. ASK if no price tag is present!

                    -DO NOT remove the price tag.

                    -May-Lan will remove bottom limbs as you direct, make a fresh cut, shake
         and bale your tree as a free service.



                    -We do not put on stands.

                    -We will carry your tree to your vehicle and load it on a first come, first
          served. If you wish to do it yourself, we will provide tie-down cord and

                    -Hot and cold drinks are available daily, with special treats on weekends.

                    -Port-o-lets are available.

                    -Payment may be made with cash, checks, cash, M/C, Visa, cash,
         Discover and, once in a while, a first born.

                    -Respect all boundaries for your, and our staffs, safety. Especially the
         shaking and baling area as it is very dangerous and the people working
          there are crazy.

                    -YOU are responsible for the conduct of your children.

                    -Tractors have the right of way and the driver is in charge of it.

                    -If you are in a hurry you are in the wrong place. Relax. Have fun.

                    -Bring the camera. LEAVE THE PHONE AT HOME.

                    -Check our calendar for special events.

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