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Recycle Your Tree



 There is no doubt that as the population of the world grows and the strain on natural resources increases, the term “recycle” becomes more and more important. Some of the great things about using a live tree at Christmas is that a real tree does nothing to harm the environment, takes nothing that is not replaceable- in short order, is completely reusable, and helps reduce global warming!!


Real trees do nothing but give to the environment while it is being raised. They clean the air.. They stabilize soil and purify water. They provide food and shelter for countless insects and wildlife. They help cool the planet which is suffering from global warming. Ninety-nine percent of the Christmas trees used in the United States are raised on farms just for this purpose, often on land that can be used for little else and by growers who use cultural practices similar to what other farmers use on their crops.


After harvest and use, trees may be used in many different ways. Chips from mulching may be used in plant beds, on paths, and mixed with soil to enrich it. Chips are used to control erosion and to save moisture. They help keep soil warm in winter and cool in summer.


Trees can be sunk in ponds to provide shelter for fish. They help stop beach erosion and wash is gullies. They also are used for shelter for by wildlife.


The benefits of using a pretend tree?  Something usually constructed in a foreign country with oil based materials that can not be reused. They do zero good. Period. You even have to pretend it is a tree. Research it and you will find there is no evidence that a pretend tree protects, helps, or enriches anything. They will wind up in a landfill, taking up space, having used resources that can not be reused.


Enjoy nature’s holiday gift, knowing it was raised for the purpose for which it was used, and with your help, it will continue to help the earth and mankind.


What finer gift can you give anyone?




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